M.V. Petite Manaen

WW11 ship

I am trying desperately to locate information on a ship my dad was on in 1945 the papers from his hospital release from Dec 1945 states the he was to return to the  M.V. Petite Manaen, I have search every thing I can think of do you have any suggestions My dad was in the merchant marines from 1943 to 1946 he just turned 80 and is having a hard time remembering names and dates of his journeys through out those days any info will be appreciated greatly

Thank you
Mrs. Mary Smith


Was your Father in the US Merchant Marine? and what was his name and initials please?

The nearest I can find to the name Petite Manean is a V-4 ocean going Tug called Petit Manan (V-4 Tug)

The V-4-M-A1 Tugs were 195 foot long, 37.5 foot beam, 15.5 foot draft, twin diesel, 2,250 horsepower, 1,063 displacement tons, top speed 14 knots. They were built in 1943 in 6 shipbuilding yards: Avondale Marine (Westego, LA), General Ships & Engine (East Boston, MA), Pennsylvania Shipbuilding (Beaumont, TX), Globe Shipbuilding (Superior, WI), Froemming Bros. (Milwaukee, WI), Pendleton Shipbuilding (New Orleans, LA). The 49 V-4 Tugs were named after lighhouses

Picture of a V-4 tug.

President James Monroe authorized the building of a lighthouse on Petit Manan Island in 1817. It served to guide shipping traffic toward several bays and harbors in the vicinity, and also to warn mariners of a dangerous bar between the island and Petit Manan Point on the mainland.

Petit Manan Light c. 1870s (U.S. Coast Guard).
Note that the remains of the 1817 lighthouse can be seen at the right.


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