Lt Percy David Goodman lost on Sickle

August 13, 2013

My Dad's brother Lt Percy David Goodman was one of the officers lost. While trying to find out why the Sickle has never been found I did find out that there are 2 surviving crew members. One lives in the States, the other in Scotland.

The battle flag of the Sickle was a scull & crossbones with assorted icons telling how many u-boats and other craft had been attacked. I am led to believe that a number of live chickens were "liberated" following one particular incident.

Hello Dave,

My research about Sickle indicates that there was but one survivor.

Letters "Richard Blake sole survivor of submarine Sickle, 1944"



The guy in the States may have been on leave when Sickle left for duty and the guy in Scotland was apparantly hospitalised following an shore based incident and didn't make embarkation.Unfortunately he has become something

of a recluse and doesn't talk about it at all.

I only know this because when my Dad retired to the west coast of Scotland he tried to make contact.





My thanks for your mail.





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