Lt. F.E. Burton R.N.V.R 1925-1995 Medals

April 14, 2013

Dear Mac

Enclosed (maybe  a photo of my fathers medals and what a problem to get them as you see he has The Africa star although he only went as far as Gibraltar the other photo is my painting of the SS New York  it is the only photo I have found which you sent.

The book Convoy Maniac is no more and despite many  letters no one seems to have one.

Hope you are well and continuing the good work

Yours sincerely


No photo of your Dad's Medals attached to your mail.


Click to enlarge

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The Medals are:

1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Africa Star and the War Medal.

You should have them mounted in Court Style.

The alternative medal mounting is Swing Mount.

Court style is more sophisticated and in my view more attractive.


Miniature Medals of these would also be available from a Medal shop or a Medal web site.

Best regards,


just a few lines concerning  convoy maniac.

I received my copy   and it was a  bit dissapointing however at least someone took the time to record his memories  I wish there  were more but I suppose  they were too  busy to  stay alive.

With regards to  my uncles ship as you say it is difficult to find any other photo of the ss new york because many other photos were similar.

It is so frustrating to be so close and  not find the missing link as it were. It is the same with family trees sometimes one comes to a complete stop.

anyway hope to hear from you anon, did you not say you served in the North atlantic about that time?



Sorry to learn that Convoy Maniac was disappointing.

See this URL:
http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/ss-new-york-3.html for photo of SS New York that cannot be copied.

Yes I served in HMAS Australia on North Atlantic Convoys over 1940/41

So I earned the Atlantic Star medal, and as my ship went to Bear Island well into the Arctic Circle I also have the Arctic Star Emblem that goes on the AS, the British Ministry of Defence have recently struck an Arctic Star Medal which they have just sent me, it is to go next to the Atlantic Star so I will have to get all my medals redone.

Nice to hear from you.
Best wishes,


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