Looking for twin of Cyril Frank Timms who may have served in the Merchant Marines, WW2

April 18, 2010  Subject: RE:Merchant Navy Records

Hello, I have been trying to decipher my Grandfathers service record to find out more about him and whether his twin brother also served on merchant ships. My grandfather was raised in an orphanage in England along with his twin, the records of which were destroyed in a fire.They both went there separate ways my grandfather travelling the world on numerous merchant ships to land in Australia and meet his wife, and have a family, the records of which my  grandmother has entrusted to me with along with his birth certificate and service history. We think his brother may have also served on merchant ships. So, finding anything that would link all of the pieces of this puzzle together, in finding out more about my grandfathers history and family origins, or any
family that is still living would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards
D. Timms


I am afraid you have not given me any details about your Grandfather and his brother, no name, no D of B, no ship names, dates etc when he came to Australia.

Without such information I have nothing to work with.


April 19, 2010
Hi mate, Sorry I didn't expect that you would do all the research, just lead us in the right direction. My Grandfathers details are as follows-

Cyril Frank Timms
Birth certificate date-9/02/1923.
Registration District Brentford
Birth in the sub district of Isleworth in the county of Middlesex.
Father Frank Harold Timms
National Union of Seamen - official no. 60469
Date of birth 9/01/23 - ?
Date of enrolment-22/12/44
Date of birth in National Union of Seamen is different to birth certificate by 1 month. These are some of the certificate of discharge details 

1. Cerficate of discharge No.A   31053
Name of ship SS Toosie ( hard to read, could be Loosie, Toorie ..)
Official Number.   152014
12th of March 1947

2. Certificate of discharge No. 49 ISSUED BY THE BOARD OF TRADE
Name of ship Chempsey? (again even harder to read)
Foreign Going
Date of engagement 20/02/1946
Date of discharge Jan 24th 1947
Place of discharge.  Sydney
Stamped Mercantile Marine Office.
Stamped Re-Engaged Townsville

Other ships he served on were the Katoora, M.V. Wortanna, Karroo and posssibly others. 


My grandfatherls twin's details are not known except that I think his name is Colin.

Might be easier if I scan all the documents. Thanks for the reply. Once again any help would be much appreciated.

D. Timms.

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