Liberty ship Roger B Taney

November 15, 2012

I was stationed on the Taney in Vietnam in 1969,and it is now in the maritime museum in Baltimore Md are we talking about the same ship? (See "Sinking of the Rodger B Taney")

Neal Grasteit



Here are details of Roger J Taney, a Liberty Ship :

The Liberty ship Roger B Taney was named after Roger Brooke Taney 1777-1864, the 12th US Attorney General and the 5th. Chief Justice of the US. The ship was laid down at the Bethlehem - Fairfield Shipyard Inc, at Baltimore Maryland on the 21st. Of June in 1941, launched on the 6th. Of December 1941 to commission on the 9th. Of February 1942. She was a US Army Transport, torpedoed in the South Atlantic on the 2nd. Of July 1943, and 3 crew members died.

It is not your Taney.


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