Liberty Ship Albert B Cummins

May 23, 2013

Mr Gregory,

My name is Bill Watson and I was checking out your website and noticed a letter from a Mark Luethold who said his father served on the Albert B Cummins during WWII. Could you please send me his contact information, as I have several of the items from this ship. A close family friend whom worked in Todds shipyard in Seattle in 1961 when it was scrapped acquired several items including the Hull Plate NO. 1612 by Oregon Shipbuilding  Corporation March 1943.

He also gave me the outside wooden block that was used by the helmsman to stand on and the setee from the 3rd mates cabin. as well as a couple of 8 inch portholes from this ship. I would really like to get in contact with Mark if I could. 

(See "Father service in Albert B. Cummins and the William P. McArthur in WWII")

Thanks for your help,


Regret I do not have an E-Mail address for Mark.



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