Kirill Nõu, Estonian refugee, disappeared 9th Sept. 1947 on Marine Phoenix

May 18, 2010
  Subject: Marine Phoenix 2 september 1947 from USA to

On Your Letters site, probably older one, I find when searching about Marine Phoenix: "Family Sailed in
liberty ship named Marine Phoenix
" Julian Mannings answer from Auckland New Zealand telling about the
journey. It is told about a man who disappeared during the journey, fell overboard or was pushed overboard. It
was my uncle Kirill Nõu, Estonian refugee, displaced person, farmer on his way from Germany and Denmark to
relatives in Australia. He never came to Australia and was regarded by the crew as disappeared 9th Sept. 1947
on Marine Phoenix. I would be very thankful of any kind of information on that subject, his disappearing, that
means details about the event. I am writing a novel on his tragic story among other things. If You can publish
this appeal on Your Letter site on Marine Phoenix I would be very grateful. I am living in Uppsala in Sweden
and Tallinn Estonia as well.

With my best regards
Enn Nõu, Uppsala

Hello Enn Nõu,

I am afraid I can find no further details about your uncle other than the unnamed reference to him in the letter you
refer to on AHOY.


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