Killed on the Voltaire

My mother's fiancé Tony Davies was also on the Voltaire, she heard that he was killed in the final attack and sinking. Although she later married and had two daughters she never forgot him. His picture was always in her room, and she spoke of him often.

I am very pleased to see the interest in the ship and look forward to reading the book. She told me that Lord Haw Haw mentioned the sinking on his programme, which was how she first got to hear about it.

Corinne Goater


Hi Mac,

After reading the letter to you written by Corinne Goater in the Voltaire pages under the title "Killed on the Voltaire" I stumbled across a little information regarding Tony Davies who`m she mentions.The website address where I found this informations is :


If she cares to have a look she just needs to scroll down the page to DAVIES, ANTHONY JOHN and she will find him. I hope this will be of interest to her.

Thanks Mac


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