Josephine Lehmann, one of Lowell Thomas' ghostwriters, cruised with von Luckner during summer 1930

August 25, 2011
Margaret Thomas Buchholz Buchholz family hilltop@midcoast.com

I just read a letter from May 2010 referring to the Caribbean cruise of Mopelia during summer 1930. My mother was on that cruise and it was summer 1929. The ship was chartered by a Chicago man named Massee.

My mother Josephine Lehmann, was one of Lowell Thomas' ghostwriters. Thomas took her on that cruise. Her job was to interview Luckner. It was on that cruise, off Santo Domingo, that the ship's name was changed from Vaterland to Mopelia.

Margaret Thomas Buchholz


We did talk in 2009, did you ever turn up Vaterland's Log of that time?

Best regards.

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