John Klemp, Master of the SS Petrel, sunk on Convoy HG-73 and survived

Friday, January 15, 2010

I saw your post regarding Convoy HG-73. ("Donald Roy MacRae - who was the Master of the S.S. Cortes when she was sunk on the 26th September 1941" and "The Development of the Catapult Armed Merchantman")

My grandfather, John Klemp, was Master of the SS Petrel which was also sunk on Convoy HG-73. He spent almost 2
weeks in an open boat sailing to the West coast of Ireland, rather than land in Portugal.

There is a variety of info on the Net, some of it conflicting, but the most reliable sequence of events seems to be on

I have various bits of info on the convoy which I have gathered, and I would be happy to share with you. Please
respond to my home e-mail.

Richard Budd


My thanks, I would be pleased to have anything on Convoy HG 73 you care to share, and we will add it to AHOY where our current information on this convoy is posted.


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