John Joseph O'Malley lost his life in USS Mt. Hood 10 NOV 1944

January 14, 2009

Dear Sir,

I am the niece of one of the sailors aboard the Mt. Hood disaster of 1944 who lost his life as a result of an explosion or enemy torpedo. It has been a satisfying experience for me to finally learn about what happened on that terrible disastrous day. However, I was wondering if there was anyway to find out if my uncle's name is listed on the many crosses of those who were buried in the cemetery at Manus. Would appreciate any suggestions you might have regarding this matter. My uncle's name is John Joseph O'Malley.

Thank you.

Margaret M. Crowley O'Malley


See this URL: http://www.abmc.gov/services/index.php for details of the Manila Cemetery.

John J. O'Malley
Seaman, First Class, U.S. Navy
Service # 8036702
United States Naval Reserve
Entered the Service from: Massachusetts
Died: 10-Nov-44
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery
Manila, Philippines

It looks as if John is listed on the Tablets of the Missing at this cemetery in Manila.
Here is his entry.

January 15, 2009

Dear Sir, How very kind of you to take the time to answer an email concerning my uncle John J. O'Malley. I have often wondered why none of the sailors aboard the Mt. Hood never received any recognition for service in the US Navy. I wrote to the Navy Department but they ignored my letter.

M.M. Crowley O'Malley

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