John Harry Morgan, late of the Empire Lake

August 24, 2010

Dear Mac,

Firstly, a belated Happy Birthday.

I had not been to your site for some time, but I noticed on your site that the brother of John Harry Morgan, late of the Empire Lake, had written asking for any information that could be given about the ship. I unfortunately changed my email address without informing you and wonder if someone might have attempted to contact me.

see "John Harry Morgan MN died with the infamous sinking of the Collier, Empire Lake off Madagascar in 1943"

I have the following details of John Harry Morgan, aged 19, birthplace - Minster. Last place of abode, 80, Mayfiels (or Mayfield) Gardens, London W 7.

His previous ship before Empire Lake was the Scandia. On another sheet I have his  last place of abode as, 11, Crawford Road, Broadstairs, Kent. I have his signature and would be delighted to pass on a copy of this, I did this
recently for the nephew of John Flint, a South African, also lost on E. Lake.

I am always excited to make contact with other relations from the crew, I have made quite a few now including the daughter of the Master of the ship.

Thanks for all the help you have given so far.

Best wishes,
Bill Wormald

Hello Bill,

Nice to hear from you again, and my thanks for the extra informaion about John Harry Morgan, which we will post on AHOY.

Best wishes,

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