John Cameron served in HMS SARDOYNX


Hi Mac, I still have to read the article in full (http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/Letters/HaroldLesliePapworthwasCh.html), so I am not sure if you are a relative of anyone who served on the HMS SARDOYNX or not. Never the less my grandfather served on the HMS SARDOYNX for the entire war and recalls rescuing sailors from the sea. I think they are the survivors of the Yorktown.

I am going to talk to him about it and see what else he remembers. I'll let you go for now but I will keep in touch.

My name is Vince Giovannini, I live in Canada. My grandfather's name is John Cameron.



Thank you for your mail, no I am not a relative of anyone who served in HMS Sardoynx, and I would be pleased to have any story from your Grandfather John Cameron.

Look forward to hearing again from you.


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