Janet Lougee (Nee Chamberlain) and Tony Chamberlain were passengers on the Ceramic on the night of 11th August 1940, the collision with SS Testbank

February 21, 2009  janet.oldstager@googlemail.com
Subject: Ceramic


I have just started to write my war memories for my grand children. I together with my brother Tony ( who did take some of the paper clippings and a photo to the maritime museum I think Cape Town) were passengers on the Ceramic on the night of 11th August 1940. The rest you know. I wonder if you have heard from any one else?

Kind regards
Janet Lougee
Nee Chamberlain

We can add your email to AHOY, and anyone who is a survivor and wants to contact you may do so.

Here is  what I have on AHOY about Ceramic:

SS Ceramic, a victim of U-515 on the 7th. of December 1942

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