James Gray (born 1745, Leith, Midlothian) my great great great great grandfather

September 03, 2009

Hello, I've just seen your weblog regarding James Gray. He is also an ancestor of mine.

Before he died, my uncle did some family history research which he passed on to me.

My grandfather's name was Charles Vickers who married Catherine Gray on 1st January 1905 in Bethnal Green, London.

After going back as far as he could on the Vickers side of the family, he then looked at the Gray (his mother's) side.
Although there are a couple of blank areas he found that James Gray (born 1745, Leith, Midlothian) was his great great great grandfather - my great great great great grandfather.

After research at the Admiralty Archives, Kew, he found most of the same information as yourself, although the last entry he found in a log book, simply said 'Ran' - what ship?, what year?, I don't know.

My uncle's research ended 20 years ago and I've only just started to look at my ancestry.

If you would like further information on James Gray's subsequent family history please contact me.

Alan Vickers 


Thank you for that information. 

I would be pleased to have any further detail about your ancestor James Gray.

At this URL: is a list of those who sailed with Captain Cook, including James
Best regards, 

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