James Dixon's Diary WW1 sailor serving in HMAS Australia

April 25, 2013

Hi Mac,

I’ve just found James Dixon's Diary on your website. There are a number of interesting photos in it, and I am wondering where they came from? (see "Extracts from James Dixon's Diary, a WW1 sailor serving in HMAS Australia, flagship"

Of course I have an ulterior motive in asking.

I am current working on a book about RNAS operations in the North Sea during WW1 (To be published in UK by Fonthill, late 2014.).

The publishers are being cheap skate with me and not allowing use of museum photo collection – they have to pay too much, they say.

The photo of Sopwith 11/2 Struuter departing the turret ramp on Australia.

Now I know there is a copy in the Australian War Memorial collection, but it is one of what I consider to be ‘Official Photographs’ that appear in many private albums.

As such it is basically in the public domain after more than 70 years. But museums still charge copyright fees…

Is there any chance that that one might have come from Dixon’s family, and could I make use of it in my book?

Thanks for your time, and excellent website.

Best regards
Ian Burns


James Dixon was the father of a friend of mine, and Joy sent me these diary notes.

I have no idea where the photo you are interested in emanated from, as you say its probably in the public domain.

I suggest you use it and merely credit Ahoy as its source, there is naturally no charge.

Let me know please when your book is out, I would love to get a copy.

Thanks for your kind words about AHOY, appreciated.

Best wishes.

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