James Cairns Morrow "Copper"

October 10, 2009

Came across your blog today while researching James Cairns Morrow, who incidentally was my step-brother. His father and mine were the same. I remember as a child going to the movies during the war with dad just to see James in a newsreel. I am the eldest of three daughters born to James Ernest Morrow and an English girl by the name of Annie Hartley,who became his second wife, making James my half-brother. My name is Roma Higgs and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I was thrilled to read Melanie's and your correspondence and will make copies for my family history file.The reason I was on the computer today was to seek information on my brothers two sons, James and Simon Morrow. If you have any more information or tales to tell about him I would be pleased to hear from you.

Roma Higgs



How nice to hear from you, especially as Copper Morrow was your step-brother.

I have very fond memories of him, especially from our time together in HMAS Shropshire, Copper was a delight to work for, and it was a privilege to do so.
Go to this URL: HMAS Shropshire, a book by Stan Nicholls, is available online.

The book is reproduced in total, and you may well glean some extra info about your late step brother.

Best wishes and regards. 

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