James Aurthur Haining perished on the Canberra

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Sir.

Please permit me to introduce my-self, my name is James Coghlan, I was born, James Aurthur Haining after my father who perished on the Canberra.

My DOB IS 19-1-1943

I am a Vietnam Veteran, served in the Army 1962-68, went to Vietnam in 1967-8.

I work for the association, I saw your name prior to Anzac Day, I was going to get into the city to see if I could talk to you, but due to sickness I was unable, so I tracked you down through Anzac House.

I would like to talk to you about my father, so I thought that you might known him, but, you might like to remain private, so I have E/Mail you in the first instance.

There are not to many ex sailors that are will to talk about that night in 1942, let alone talk to me about my father.

I would be very happy if I could either talk to you or meet with you.



Yes I knew your Dad in Canberra, he was a seaman Petty Officer whose Official number was 19561, meaning he was in the permanent navy, and did not join up to serve in WW2.

I have a complete list of all in the ship at the time of her sinking, and he appears in Annex B as:

Missing Believed Killed in Action.

The entry reads: Petty Officer James A. Haining  19561.

Here is his Certificate of Service for WW2:

Petty Officer

Service  Royal Australian Navy
Date of Birth  15 May 1913
Date of Enlistment  4 January 1932
Home Port/Port Division  MELBOURNE, VIC
Next of Kin  FLORENCE
Date of Death  9 August 1942
Posting on Death  HMAS Canberra

Best regards,

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