Jack Templeton Deck Cadet/Acting 3rd Mate on the first voyage of the SS Henry Bergh

May 30, 2010

I was the Deck Cadet/Acting 3rd Mate on the first voyage of the SS Henry Bergh in the south Pacific from July 1943 to Feb 1944. While home in Iowa on leave I was drafted and spent the rest of the war in the 5th Inf Div in Europe. On its second voyage the Bergh ran aground on the Farallon Islands outside San Francisco and broke apart on May 31 1944.

Otherwise I would have likely been on the Bergh as the unlicensed junior 3rd mate and maybe been the one
casualty of the wreck.

I've been unable over the years to contact anyone familiar with the first voyage and periodically Google SS H B to see if there is anything new.

I've been particularly interested in what happened to Captain Joseph C Chambers as a result of the wreck.

Terry Allen suggested I investigate you website. I'm not sure how to use your site so am sending this letter hoping that if it is of interest I may hear from you.

Jack Templeton
Grinnell, IA


Hello Jack,

Thank you for your mail.

Go to this URL: http://www.armed-guard.com/pdward.html for descriptions of the ship, and in particular, stories about her Captain Joseph Chambers who gets the blame for this disaster.

Best wishes.

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