J A P Blackburn, HMS Voltaire

February 15, 2013

Hi Mac, you won't remember me but I did correspond with you some years ago.

Just found your article on HMS Voltaire and you are correct in saying that her Captain was RNR AND RN.   He was a submariner RNR in WW1 where he was awarded a DSC AND a commission in the RN backdated to 1915 sometime, both for gallantry.

He retired in 1933 as a Lt Cdr and was given the rank of Cdr on the retired list. He was Executive Officer of Jervis Bay as a Cdr and there is a photo of him attached but I shouldn't use it as it maybe copyrighted.

He left Jervis Bay, only weeks before her demise to take acting Captain rank and command of Voltaire. The Navy List for the remainder of the War lists him just as Cdr Retd with no posting and I would like to find out what happened to him during that time.

He was in the 1950 July Retired list as Captain War Service rank and died in 1979.

If you ever find out what happened to him post Voltaire, I would be very interested.

Best wishes 
Sandy Christie


I can find nothing about Captain Blackman post Volitaire Some detail of this ship:



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