Information regarding the ship Lancastria pre 1940?

March 23, 2011


i am looking for information regarding the ship Lancastria pre 1940 as my sister said we sailed in her from Bombay Dec 1939 as my father was in the Welch regiment and I was born in Agra in 38, I've  seen some where that it sailed into Bombay 15  Dec 39 but did't say when it left, can you help ?

mr n chapman 

(see "Loss of HMT Lancastria at St Nazaire")


I regret I am unable to document any time in India over December 1939.

In the years immediately before the War, Lancastria was primarily engaged in cruising, the last cruises being from New York to the Bahamas. On the outbreak of war in September 1939, Lancastria returned to New York, where
she was painted grey. She then sailed back to London where, in October, she was requisitioned by the Ministry of War Transport and became 'His Majesty's Transport Lancastria' -- hence the HMT. After that she continued making transatlantic voyages, mainly taking passengers westbound and bringing cargo and war materials on her eastbound passages.

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