Information about the crew the sunk ship Doggerbank (Speybank)

A friendly hello from (G)ermany Mr. Mackenzie!

My grandfather was member of the Doggerbank crew, (Ex-Speybank). He went on that ship to Japan, where he changed onto the Rhakotis, which was sunked by the crew, when an english warship identified it as an german ship.

My grandfather was saved.

He died 4 years ago. My Grandmother followed him last year. He didn´t speak often about his time in the war.

Now, I try to get some Informations about the way my grandfather did in war.

I´ve already read the book of the last man from the Doggerbank, Fritz Kuert, which was written by Hans Herlin. In that book I could identify my grandfather on a photo which was printed in.

Now I found this site in the www, where the story of the ship which brought my grandfather to Japan is published.

In your post I could see a photo of the Doggerbank-crew in Japan,(could be shot in Hakone/Japan) what I didn´t know. Would it be possible to get a copy of it?? 

Another question to the user is:

What happened in Hakone/Japan? Does anybody know something about these camps where the german soldiers lived in, while their abidance in Japan??

I try to get some more informations about the story of the Doggerbank. I know that the author of the book, Hans Herlin, died in 1994. He had 10 hrs of audio interviews with the only survivor Fritz Kuert. I don´t know if he is still alive.

My father told me the he met my grandfather after the war. Must be in the 70´ies.The book was written in 1985.

I think that my grandfather didn´t know about that book. 

If you can give me nearer informations about the abidances of the german sailors in Japan , or photos of the Doggerbank, the crew and so on, I would be very glad.

Sorry for my bad written english, hope you could understand it.

Greetings from germany send

"The Doggerbank story"


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