Info on John Rowe, Master’s Mate of HMS Adventure, Captain Cook’s second voyage?

October 21, 2011

Dear Mac,

Seeing your wonderfully comprehensive response to others I wondered whether you have access to any records on the backround of John Rowe, Master’s Mate of HMS Adventure, and one of the ill-fated crew who were killed in New
Zealand during Captain Cook’s second voyage in the southern hemisphere.

I’ve  been aware of the details of his death for years but am curious to know whether he originated from the north of England, and perhaps even the Staithes and Whitby area where my own family lived. Of course he could have come from anywhere in Britain and I am conscious that he might well have been recruited in Plymouth where the name is common.

I do understand if you are too busy to answer.

With best wishes, 
Tina  Rowe


I am afraid I could not find any details of the birthplace of John Rowe.

Searched high and low, but no luck.

Best regards,

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