In defence of HMAS Canberra's crew

January 27, 2013

Dear Mac,

Thank you very much for having me along with Alison and Michael Kirk for a chat about HMAS Canberra.

I have attached a short piece that I have written for the Stamp family archive in defence of Canberra's crew who are still subject to unfair and unjust criticism of their performance in the action on 9th August 1942. As you are only too aware, there are several 'new' accounts of the battle which bring more truth to the event than earlier accounts. I strongly believe that there is no justification whatsoever for the initial slur let alone its being repeated as lately as the new book published in 2013, and by Mr Pfennigwerth who is, apparently, editor of the Journal of Australian Naval History.

I will try to acquire copies of any of the books that my wife Rosemary does not already have so that succeeding generations might be able to get the clearest account of their forebear's contribution to the war effort. Thanks
for your several emails to Alison with the book listings.

I return to Ireland in the next week or so and will give a wave to Tipperary for Denise!

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Hill


It was a pleasure to meet you all, and many thanks for taking Canberra's side in the Savo debacle.

Have a good trip home.


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