Inaugural bells, commissioned for the launching of the Graf Spree?

November 2, 2011

Hi there,

I noticed that last year you had two queries about Graf Spree Bells. Believe it or not a friend of mine has one of these across the ditch in NZ!

We have done a bit of research on these. And what one of our museums has turned up is that these are inaugural bells, commissioned for the launching of the Graf Spree. They cannot say how many were made.

Possibly the PS designation is Panzerschiff - meaning armoured ship - which fits with the year and the class of ship.

Hope this is in some way helpful to the others. 

Janine Kennedy


Graf Spee was launched in 1934, the 1939 on these bells is I suggest to mark the Battle of the River Plate.


Thanks Mac,

I was lead to believe it entered service in 1939. Obviously I should stick to Union Steam Ships and leave German vessels alone,


Thank you very much though…through your web site I have been able to discover these bells are not as rare or as expensive as my friends thought…

(now I have to pass on the bad news ERK!)

Thank you…it’s a wonderful website, gold mine of information there!



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