I have written on 13 of the 27 Field Marshalls so far

Fri, July 17, 2009 10:50 pm
To:    "S M Downie" <sm.downie@o2.co.uk>

Hi there Mac

Just wanted to say that I was impressed with the above page for a number of reasons; great simplistic layout and clarity with great insight into the people the Field Marshals were, it gives another dimension to the characters. I am only 38 and only have a limited insight to the whole feel of what went on from a German perspective.

The question I wanted to ask was, you mentioned the number of Field Marshals being significant; however, I can only locate a small number on the attached site:


Can you direct me to the rest of the Field Marshal listings as I cannot  find them anywhere on your site.

Many thanks
Martin Downie


My thanks for your kind words about my German Field Marshall series.

There were 27 of them and I have written on 13 so far.

If you go to Ahoy's home page at: ahoy.tk-jk.net on the RH side you will find a link to them (Adolf Hitler and his WW2 Field Marshals), click on that and they should come up.

I do them when I have a bit of spare time which is not too often.

Kindest regards,

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