Identifying pictures of Voltaire crew

Hi Mac, just a query about the picture sent to you by Peter Hayes. It is the one titled Voltaire prisoners - James Macfarlane from Dundee (centre row 3rd from left). Asked my mum about this James Macfarlane, she thought the man in the white pullover and bonnet was a Peter Sturrock also the man far right in the black vest was Andy Wilson both from Dundee. I don't know how they decided the make up of a crew but there seemed to be a lot of men from Dundee. I find it amazing how such a small and insignificant boat can rouse such interest, however it good to see that the Voltaire and her crew have not been forgotten.
Many thanks,
Graeme Dodds


I have just had this E-Mail from Graeme Dodds, are you able to comment about the man you eported as James Macfarlane from Dundee, and who Graeme's Mother thinks is Peter Sturrock also from Dundee,

Thank you for your query, as you will note I have written to Peter Hayes, Bcc to you.

I too am suprised that so many people are interested in our pages about Voltaire, but I think it is quite wonderful that through the medium of AHOY, we are able to bring people and their families together.

Your comment about there being a lot of Dundee men aboard this ship, in my experience, men in the Navy during wartime often joined up from the same area, particularly if they came from a seafaring town.

And obviously Dundee and her residents have always had an affiliation with the sea, and no doubt are attracted to ships and service in them.

Nice to hear from you.

All the best for 2005 and beyond. 

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