Identify a ship's picture at Gem Pier at Williamstown?

May 27, 2011

Dear Mac
I am sorry to trouble you but I am wondering how I might learn more about the ship in the photo?

I think it was taken by George Force, or one of his family, who had a passion for photographing ships at Williamstown (Vic).

I suspect it was possibly in the 1940’s, but could be wrong.

He , or family member, also had a passion for collecting cuttings on submarines, so this ship might be associated with that??

I do have about 20 others of his photos, all I suspect taken at Williamstown, some older though.

His scrap book is dated in the first world war

Jenny Fawcett


In your photo it rather looks to me like Gem Pier at Williamstown. 

The old Corvette HMAS Castlemaine is currently berthed there.

Here is a brief history of the old British Destroyer H26.

HMS Sardonyx (H 26)
Destroyer of the Admiralty S class
Navy  The Royal Navy
Type  Destroyer
Class  Admiralty S
Pennant  H 26
Built by  A. Stephen & Sons Ltd. (Glasgow, Scotland)
Ordered  Jun 1917
Laid down  25 Mar 1918
Launched  27 May 1919
Commissioned  12 Jul 1919
End service  
Loss position  

Scrapped in June 1945.


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