How to donate to the Naval Heritage Foundation of Australia for the 7 foot six inch bronze statue?

October 18, 2009
Subject: Donation

Hello Mac,

 I hope you're well. I'd like to make a small donation to the funds for the bronze statue to commemorate those who passed through HMAS Lonsdale but I don't think a cheque from England will work. Is there  an alternative way that is better than Moneygram or cash?

All the best to you and keep up the good work,


Pip Taylor.

(UC5 Submarine photo.)


Nice to hear from you, and my thanks for your offer to send a donation for our Answering The Call Bronze Sailor project.

Tomorrow Monday I will contact our Bank and seek their advice, and will be in touch again.

I am well, given the past year of Placelet problems with my blood, but hopefully that seems behind me, the recent test read 219,000 which is a great result.

Best  to you both.


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