How does the Hawker attach to the catapult cradle?

CAM ships

Mac - Hi, I was just reading a new Clive Cussler novel in which he briefly mentions a CAM ship protecting a convoy in the north Atlantic (heading for Russia). I've dug up a lot of photos etc through Google, so I see what the catapult assembly looks like in general. But I can't quite tell how the Hawker attaches to the catapult cradle. Did the plane just "rest" on the cradle, or was it "hooked" in some manner (the same way a modern carrier's catapult hooks the front wheel assembly of a fighter and throws it off the ship)...?  Any thoughts...deeper research suggestions...??
I enjoyed reading your material on the website. Thanks.

JL Yastine


Here is some material about the use of Hurricane aircraft on CAM ships, they were rocket propelled to launch the aircraft. Hope this helps a little.


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