History behind placing a coin in the keel

May 12, 2011

Dear Mac.

First of all, apologise by my horrible use of English.

I hope you're well. It was an good new the publishing of your books about history. It's possible that I will buy the first and the second volumes, but i must to think and selecting, It's sad, but i can not buy all the books that i want. Will you said what would be the shipping cost of it from Australia to Spain?

The reason of this e-mail is to answer you an question. One of my friends, Javier Alvarez Laita, who writes for some spanish military and navy press (like for example infodefensa) said me that during the put on-rail of the keel at El Ferrol of the above ships for her construction, he saw that the Australian Admiral (sorry i forget his name) put on the
rail before the position of the first construction block, an silver coin.

Please Mac, Would you tell me what is the origin of this ceremony?

Waiting read good news for you in your answer, I sent you from Spain my 

Best regards
Jorge Gilabert


Please do not apologise about your English, I have no Spanish at all.

Here is a little about placing a coin under the keel: 

The Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Russ Crane, cut the ribbon opening the ceremony. As well as opening the event, the Chief of Navy laid a $5 Australian coin under the keel. The history behind placing a coin in the keel that was originally under the step of a wooden mast is said to have pre-christian roots and was undertaken in order to keep
the ship safe from bad luck or angry spirits.

I will find out from my Post Office the cost of posting two book by airmail, and by ordinary post on Monday, and will mail you again.


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