Herbert Alfred Quennell survived Alcantara

June 06, 2009

I noticed that two of my cousins have posted information relating to my grandfather, Herbert Alfred Quennell. (See "Able seaman Herbert Alfred Quennell survived the sinking of HMS Alcantara in 1916") I recall being told by my father, Herbert James Quennell, that his father had saved some German seaman during the 1st World War, and he was presented with a pair of German binoculars. These have been passed down to my youngest son Frank Bone. 

Anne Mackintosh ( nee Quennell)


That is interesting.

The Germans produced some fine optical equipment and their binoculars were no exception.

I was able to save my binoculars when I was sunk in HMAS Canberra at the Battle of Savo Island on August 9 1942, but they were of British manufacture by Barr and Stroud.

They still mean a great deal sentimentally.

Best wishes, 

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