Help with watercolour by John Allcot dated 1930 showing a 3 masted ship called Dumfrieshire?

April 19, 2012

Dear Mr Gregory,

I came across your name in the process of starting my research into a 19th Sailing ship.

Last week I purchased a watercolour by John Allcot dated 1930 showing a 3 masted ship called Dumfrieshire.

All I could find was a listing and a photo of a much bigger 4 masted ship call Dumfriesshire built 1889 and sunk by a German sub in 1915. John Allcot would never miss spell the name or paint 3 master instead of 4 so I assume my picture is of another ship? [ I think the Argus is an old Melbourne paper]

Today I came across another reference in The Argus of Thursday 7th July 1904 about a ship named Dumfriesshire striking a reef of New Caledonia and drifting but maybe saved by a Mr Lyn of New Caledonia.

So can you help me or point me in the right direction to solve my puzzle?

My Great Grandfather was a Captain Robert Reid who sailed on the west coast of Tasmania in the 1890s and my other Grandfather came from Dumfries and we have records of the family back to 1669, there.

I would appreciate any assistance as I am a real land lubber at this stage.

Douglas Reid Walker

p.s. I almost cried when I visited The then Glasgow Transport Museum in 2002 and saw the model of the 100 shipyards and works in the 1930s on the Clyde.


I am sorry, but cannot turn up anything about a three masted ship named Dumfriesshire,  nor any detail on the Alcott painting of her. The Argus was an old Melbourne morning paper that I can still remember being published here.

Thus i regret, I am of little help to you.

Kind regards,

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