Hello from U.S. of A

July 09, 2010

Ahoy Mr. Mr. Gregory,

(I'm 62 years old but I feel too much respect to call you Mac.).  What a great website!!!  My father was a
WWII Naval veteran, he joined in 1943 at age 17. I am a Vietnam War vet (1970), knew some Aussies (wild story).

I came upon your website while doing some research on the Congo River.  Thank you for your service (to the
world).  God bless,

Bob Cobb, Danbury, CT  USA

Dear Bob,

I am indeed flattered by your E Mail comments, thank you so much.

It is fine to call me Mac, at 88 I am well past worrying what people use to address me.

Ahoy is also kept going by my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, I do the research and scribbling, but without Terry and his skills in putting my thoughts up on our site we would not exist.

It is always nice when someone out there on the internet takes the time and trouble to write, although we accept brick bats its lovely to hear something positive for our efforts, that indeed is our reward.

Kindest regards,

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