Harry Hughes, flight engineer in Sunderland T 9045

T9045 - Harry Hughes

Hi - I have my father's log book in which he has noted the following:

"On 29th Oct 1940 I was the flight engineer of Sunderland  E-204 Sqod No T9045 which was forced down of (sic) NE Scotland. My flying log book was lost, with most other kid, and the above times are a conservative estimate up until that date confirmed by F/LT Gibbs, and signed for by S/L Scott of 413 Squadron."

How come he wasn't listed as picked up? He died in 1991.

Best wishes
Hilary Hughes


Your Father was the flight engineer in Sunderland T 9045, which was sent out to search for Sunderland T 9620, that was the aircraft that on the 29th. of October 1940, my ship HMAS Australia picked up the 9 crew
members I have listed, the other 4 crew members died as we could not reach them in the awful weather conditions.

Both Sunderlands came from Squadron 204.

Here is a description of your Dad's aircraft T9045, coming down and the crew being
picked up by trawler A-76.

The loss of P9620, cost the squadron another Sunderland, when T9045 took off to search for Sunderland P9620 on the 29th October but was forced landed at sea, 21:45 hrs, due to darkness and veering wind. The starboard float was smashed on landing and a trawler in the vicinity came alongside and lines
were passed. Attempts to tow the aircraft were foiled owing to the roughness of sea, and after the port float had been stove in by the trawler it was decided to abandon the aircraft. All personnel were safely transferred to trawler A76 and the aircraft eventually sank about 5 miles east by south from Strathie Point, Caithness-shire.

I hope this solves your query.

Best wishes,
Mac. Gregory.

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