Harold Winfield Hamm, Jr aboard Mugford during attack on Pearl Harbor

March 15, 2009


My father was also on the Mugford when it was attacked by the Japanese. ( see also "Father was in USS Mugford at Battle of Savo Island") He always told us the stories...Dec. 7th was a National Holiday for us. He said that his Commander was Burke. I have photo's of the ship and also photo's on deck during inspections just weeks before the attacks. My father told us that they also watched the Japanese commit suicide off the cliffs of Saipan.

My father wrote a Memoir of his accounts that day, and months that followed. My older sister still has the manuscript.

My father's name...Harold Winfield Hamm, Jr. I believe he was a radioman...not to sure about that title as he was also in the AirForce for 20 years after the Navy. He then became an Air Traffic Controller after he retired from the Military. We grew up on Guam, not far from all of his Naval adventures.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Hamm Burns



Nice to hear from you.

If your sister would care to share your Dad's memoir about Pearl Harbor day and the Mugford, we can add it to AHOY to reach a wider audience. At this distance in time from that infamous attack on the US fleet at Pearl there are not too many first hand accounts still available. Your Dad's piece would be of historic value.

Looking forward to hearing again from you as convenient.

Best regards.

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