Happy Anzac Day

April 24, 2011

I just revisited ( by way of Google!) the site of the beautiful Australian War Memorial in London.

I was very moved when I was visiting there in  2006 and 2007 and able to see it in person.

My father was a veteran in the Great War.

I visit the local Cenotaph each Anzac Day - not during the service there, but in the quiet of the afternoon. Where I live, in Chatswood NSW, we have a lovely Memorial Garden - not big, and now on the edge of our busy shopping and business centre. The local council keeps it in excellent condition - lovely standard roses, lawn etc.

The reason for me writing is simply that when I was reading the site on Google, I see that you lived for quite a number of years in Rosanna.

My husband and I lived there ( St James Road) between 1956 - 1963 - we built our house, and it was  home to our children in their early years.

After then, we returned to Sydney ( our "home" ) and have lived in Chatswood ever since.

I find Anzac Day brings  a mixture of emotions - pride, sadness and others, really.

Thank you for your article.

Noela Fisher.


Thank you for your mail.

I lived in Mountain View Parade Rosanna for over 40 years, it was a  great area for our 4 children to grow up in.

Denise my wife, has an apartment at Lane Cove, so I am aware of your Memorial Gardens at Chatswood.

I am just back from being in the Melbourne Anzac Day parade, at 89 I am no longer a marcher, but I was driven in luxury behind the Canberra/Shrropshire crew and their banners in a lovely old but in beautiful condition Bentley, I felt quite spoilt.

We have a great Canberra/Shropshire Memorial tree in the Shrine precinct where we meet with all our relatives after the march.

As President of our Association, I say a few words on the signifigance of Anzac Day to all of us and then we move to meet at the English Speaking Union building in Toorak Road West for refreshments and fellowship.

A fine occasion.

With my best wishes and regards,


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