Hannah Baird and the sinking of SS Athenia

November 24, 2012

Hi Mac,

Apologies for coming directly to you but i could not figure out what I wanted to do any other way.. and I hope you can help.

I discovered a letter on your Ahoy web log (July 4th 2012 "Hannah Baird Information/Sinking of the Athenia" ) concerning Hannah Baird and the sinking of SS Athenia from a Ellen Paterson Keenan. She was seeking burial info for Hannah's husband, James Baird. They were her great grand-parents. James Baird was also my great grandfather, by his first marriage.  He died 24/4/1925 and was buried in Hamilton in Lanarkshire, Scotland . He was living with one of his daughters at the time.

I have more detail on this and the circumstances of his death if she is interested.

I would also like to find out more about James and Hannah's time in Canada - info which I believe Ellen would have.

I appreciate is this not dirctly connected with Australian Maritime History but would much appreciate it if you could pass this info to Ellen with my email address and ask if she would contact me dirctly.

Thanks very much
Ross Baird
(based in UK but great fan of Australia and the Navy!)

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