HMS Repulse photographs

June 06, 2010

Dear Mac,

I have 3 photographs taken by an aunt during the British Fleet visit to Sydney in 1924.

One is of HMS Repulse; one of HMS Hood; and the third, a portrait snapshot of one W.Townsend, a sailor on Repulse.

If of interest to you please call.

Bob Grady.


Thank you for your offer. Yes, I would be interested and we would add them to our AHOY web site.

If convenient could you post them to me, or add them to an email?

Kind regards,


Trust these are OK and that you receive attachments better than I send them. You may need to widen screen and scroll through.

British Fleet Sydney 1924. HMS Repulse, HMS Hood W.Townsend, sailor on Repulse.

Let's know . . .

Bob Grady.


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