HMS Mourne, picture

HMS Mourne

December 5, 2011

Hello Mac,

I found one photo of HMS Mourne for the correspondent whose father went down with her. She was sunk 9 days after my own father was killed on Sword beach in Normandy, so I like to think that maybe the Mourne had
been giving him covering fire -  I quote: "....and excellent naval gunfire support kept German defensive fire suppressed at Sword and Juno beaches". It's a small world when huge numbers of men are concentrated into a
small war zone.

Here's the link - I hope it fills at least part of the gap. Credit is due to you and the guys at wrecksite.eu - without both of you, this wouldn't have been possible:


First time I visited you - was looking up River class frigates after a revisit to Monsarrat's "Cruel Sea"...........nice website, for which many thanks -  I'll be back.

Phil Scarfe Beckett


My thanks for your remarks about AHOY.  

Sorry to learn that your Dad was killed in the Normandy landings.


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