HMS Implacable

September 06, 2009

Can you give me any information about an old photo we have from the First War I think.

In the lower left corner it has the name HMS Implacable & in the right is the name of a photographer - Malta.

I wonder if it was a hospital ship (at first confusing the White Ensign with a Red Cross flag) & another suggestion is that it was a back-up ship at Gallipoli.

Could you please also email me a reply so I am sure to get it.

Thank you
from Barbara Moyle


HMS Implacable was one of the three Formidable Class WW1 British Battleships, built around the 1890's.
HMS Implacable (1899) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Hope this helps.


September 07, 2009

Dear Mac thank you for your quick & generous reply. I am sending you the copy of Implacable that I have. I was
expecting to connect my photo to my father-in-law's war service but he served mainly in France. All very
interesting just the same.

HMS Implacable
HMS Implacable

I hope that this email won't give any trouble getting to you as I am a bit of an amateur on the computer.

Barbara Moyle

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