HMAS Huon naval base at Hobart

February 04, 2009Subject: HMAS Huon naval base

Dear Mr Gregory,

I am working on the family history and discovered a relative who was in the navy WW2. His Posting at Discharge  was HMAS Huon

Have since learnt HMAS Huon was dismantled and sunk as a gunnery target off Port Jackson in 1931.

Now have discovered  HMAS Huon (WW2) was the name of the naval base at Hobart.

I am interested to learn more about the base (work they did etc) and wonder if there is a photo of the base?

Am trying to make my book (for family members only) as interesting as possible.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me please.

Look forward to hearing from you



Firstly send me the surname and initials of your relative and I will find his Australian Certificate of Service in WW2 for you.

All the Australian Capital cities had a shore naval establishment and as you note in Hobart it was named HMAS Huon.

They were usually used for training Reserve Officers and Ratings between the wars, as recruiting depots in wartime, and a base when joining the Navy before going off to HMAS Cerberus at Western Port Victoria for basic training.

When it was time to demobilise wartime sailors, they went off to their Home shore depot to be medically examined, paid their final payments, and discharged.

During WW2 any visiting warships to Hobart would be looked after by Huon for stores and food required whilst in port.

On arrival, a berthing party would have assisted in securing ships alongside, connect water and fuel  lines, connect telephones etc.

I will look for a photograph of Huon as a depot, and again be in touch.


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