H.M.S. "ECLIPSE" 1st December 1918 No. 6. Memorandum sinking of S.S. "GALWAY CASTLE, "

November 19, 2011

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Thought you might be interested in the following item from my grandfather collection.

H.M.S. "ECLIPSE" 1st December 1918 No. 6. Memorandum
I am directed by The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to convey to the Commanding Officers of H.M. Ships "Spitfire" "Minion" "Unity" Garland" and Oriana" an expression of their appreciation of the service
rendered on the occasion of the sinking of S.S. "GALWAY CASTLE, " and to acquaint you that they consider that the work of the destroyers in rescuing survivors and assisting in the salvage operations, were both excellent
and carried out in an efficient and seamanlike manner throughout, as was shown by the number of lives that were saved, and the fact that the vessel was towed 140 miles in spite of the weather conditions and the state of the sea.

2. The above is to be read on the quarter deck to the Officers and men of H M. Ships concerned.

4th Destroyer Flotilla


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