Grave of Major William Martin, lost in HMS Dasher, Operation Mincemeat

April 9, 2010

Dear Mackenzie,

I enjoyed reading: 

"Archer Class Auxiliary Carrier, HMS Dasher Destroyed by Explosion on the 27nd. of March 1943. 379 Dead"

I intend visiting:


and the grave of "Major William Martin". I've just 'phone the Commonwealth Wargraves Commission in the UK to ask whether they have a layout plan of the cemetery. They don't.

Can you recommend who to contact? My Spanish is very limited and 'phoning Huelva's Council would be difficult.

Thanks and best wishes,

Henry Miller


I would suggest you ask the Spanish Embassy in Canberra for their help in locating the required grave at Heula.

Good luck, and thank you for your kind comments about this piece on AHOY.


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