Grandfather merchant navy 1917 SS Seang Bee

November 12, grandfarther merchant navy 1917

Hi Mac,

Mark Blades is my name.   I'm sorry but im not very good with this pc stuff and writing. Do you charge for any imformation you find? I believe you live / work in Kingswood, NSW. I live in St Marys, NSW.

I find it very hard to explain in writing what i want to talk/ask about.  Is it possibble that you could ring me at home after hours on or could I visit you, as you just live / work just around the corner. 

Some of the things I m looking for are  my grand fathers service number (merchant navy) and names of other crew members at the time of his service on board SS Seang Bee.   

yours in writing, 
Mark Blades


Here are some details of HMA Transport Seeang Bee: 

HMAT A48 Seang Bee

HMAT A48 Seang Bee departing from Brisbane, 21 October 1915
[From:  John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Picture Number 82596]
The HMAT A48 Seang Bee weighed 5,849 tons with an average cruise speed of 13 knots or 24.07 kmph. It was owned by the Lim Chin Tsong, Rangoon, and leased by the Commonwealth until 12 May 1917.


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