Grandfather, Sidney Murphy, was the Gunnery Officer of the HMS Voltaire

Good afternoon, from Essex, United Kingdom.
I am anxious to contact Roderick Reilly, whose father James served on the armed merchant cruiser, HMS Voltaire, sunk by KMS Thor on April 4th.1941.
My grandfather, Sidney Murphy, was the Gunnery Officer of the Voltaire, spending the rest of the War as a POW in a series of camps. I intend to fulfil the wish of my grandfather, to write a book about the Voltaire.
I would  be most grateful if you could put me in touch with Mr.Reilly and, if possible, George Nigel Tidbury, who is also seeking information on the Voltaire.
My telephone number is +44-(0)1268-781178, which I would be happy for you to pass on.
With grateful thanks,
Ashley A. Brown

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for your E-Mail about HMS Voltaire, I regret that I have not kept the addresses of either

Roderick, or George Tidbury, it is almost a year since I was in touch with them. I get so many messages about the different articles on Ahoy, that after some time, I delete them. I am remiss in not just jotting down these addresses, as a hard copy for reference when someone such as yourself is after some information, I am sorry I am of no help to you.

Should you fulfil your intent to write about Voltaire, and her epic struggle, I would be pleased to learn about it in due course. I note your E-Mail address has Southend in its title, both my parents came from that area in Essex, and I have made a visit to that part of England.

Best wishes, again my apologies for being unhelpful.

Mac. Gregory. 

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