Graf Spee memorial bell

July 30, 2009

 hi my name is Fred from the west midlands England. just a line to let you know that only this morning, 29/07/09. I picked up an identical bell from a boot sale, it has identical markings but is just under 7.5" high & 7.5" diameter, marks was 10", when I enquired where it came from all they could tell me they used to have a bar at home and it hung up there for years.

I was fascinated by it and bought it for £5, I still don't know why?

Hello Fred.

It would seem you have purchased yet another of the memorial bells that were cast in Germany and put on sale to recall the Graf Spee, which of course was sunk at the Battle of the River Plate in 1939.

They are a nice souvenir that remembers a mighty ship.

Thank you for your mail.


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