Graf-Spee bell

October 27, 2010

Hello Mac, 

It was interesting to read about the Graf-Spee bell,  I also have one of these bell's,  I bought it about 25 years ago at an antiques fair and have always thought it to be from a small German vessel, Possibly a river ferry or similar named after the famous man-of-war herself, It has never occurred to me that it could be and possibly is a commemorative bell.

My bell is seven and a half inches both high and wide, It has been cast in brass and is highly polished, The "dong" for want of a better word, Has also been cast in brass, The founders crest consists of two 
circles, The outer circle is alternating rose and tulip heads  with the inner circle depicting what looks like a Griffin or Phoenix.

If anyone knows the name and possibly the location of this particular bell founder It would add to the history of the bell.

Kind Regards,  Jim Cutler, Pembrokeshire, UK.


I have never been able to track down who cast the Graf Spee memorial ells ( my name for them ).

They are a good example of the bell caster's art and a number were obviously produced.

Kind regards,

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