Gordon Baker was a Stoker first class on the Curacoa and was lost in collision with the Queen Mary

August 28, 2009

Hi Mac

I have read with great interest your information gathered on the collision beween the Queen Mary and HMS Curacoa. My uncle Gordon Baker (134229) was a Stoker first class on the Curacoa and was lost when the ship went down. Is there a posssiblity of any survivors knowing him?? I have taken great interest in this episode of the war as I never got to see my uncle or he me.  He was to be my godfather ( I was born Sept 1942). Gordon came from, Stonehall, Lydden, Kent. He was the next to youngest of five children. He has a surviving brother Arthur Baker who is now in his late seventies and lives in Shepherdswell Kent and I know would be over the moon to know if anyone survivng the disaster still alive would have known him. I have photographs of
Gordon in uniform if they are of interest and my uncle Arthur still has a vivid memory of the day the telegram
arrived to say that his brother was missing, again if this account could be of any value to someone please let
me know.

Any help you could give me would be much appreciated. I thank you for your time.

Kind regards
Ken Baker


I am afraid I do not have a list of those who both survived the Curacoa tragedy, and are still around today.

We would put your photo of your Uncle up on AHOY and ask if anyone who knew him might get in touch with us.

Thank you for getting in touch.



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