Gnr F W Sutton RN Service Number 188557 HMS Volitaire?

August 25, 2012

Dear Sir,

I have in my possession 3 World War One medals inscribed to Gnr F W Sutton RN. One is a 1914-18  Star, or Mons Star or "Pip". The second is the  The British War Medal 1914-18 "Squeak" and a Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct medal. This was issued to F W Sutton whilst at HMS Excellent (dates unknown as a petty officer).

Whilst looking on the internet I came across your article re HMS Voltaire and an F W Sutton Gnr RN is listed as being killed in action, during her sinking.

These medals were in my fathers possession, Lt Col C F Hinton, RTR, and I have not heard the surname Sutton anywhere in our families various histories.

I was just wondering if this could be the same man, and any light you could shed on the subject would be helpful. My father was born in Portsmouth in 1908.

Thanking you in anticipation,

William Hinton.

Dear William,

I would be fairly sure your Gunner  F W Sutton's RN medals belong to Gunner Frederick Wiliam Sutton RN from HMS Volitaire.

Here are his details:

Description Name  Sutton, Frederick William
Official Number: 188557
Place of Birth: Battesmaley, Hampshire

Date 02 January 1880
Catalogue reference ADM 188/320
DeptRecords of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines,
Coastguard, and
related bodies
SeriesAdmiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services
Image contains1 document of many for this catalogue

Number of image files: 1

Image ReferenceFormat and VersionPart NumberSize
(KB)Number of PagesPrice
157 / 111PDF 1.2114613.36
Total Price (£)3.36

Warrant Rank is gained for ratings and is a non commissioned rank at the first officer level.

Born in 1880, if we assume he joined the Royal Navy at 18 i.e. In 1898. So when WW1 started he was aged 34.

To gain a Long Service and Good Conduct medal, one needs 15 years of service  so it was about 1914 when Frederick was awarded that medal.

A Gunner RN retires at age 55, so he would have left the Navy in 1935.

I note on the Volitaire's list of those killed he was listed as retired, he was no doubt on the Emergency List of Officers and was recalled for service in WW2.

Of course none of the above helps us link Frederick William Sutton to your Father, so we do not know what the connection was that caused your Father to have the Gunner's medals in his possession.

I am sorry I cannot be of much help to you in unravelling this mystery.

My best regards,

August 26, 2012

Dear Mac, thank you for your very quick and comprehensive reply. I have no idea how my family gained possession of these medals, I can only assume that he may have been related on my fathers mothers side of the family. I have no idea of my fathers mothers maiden name. Well I will keep looking into the matter. Hey ho.

Once again thank you so much,
Bill Hinton.
Worthing , West Sussex, UK.


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